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Sample submission form

We are excited to get our hands on your soil sample(s)!

But before we can send you the sampling kit we need some information from you. 

Please complete the form below. 

If you do not complete the form below then we will not be able to use your samples and each sample we receive is so important. 


The answers you give should be as accurate as possible, and if you have any questions please email the team at and we will help you out.

Sample submission form


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What are the GPS coordinates of your field site?

To find your GPS coordinates open  type in a location and/or use the map. Then fill in the Latitude and Longitude to the right.  

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4. What other plants or crops (if any) have been grown in this field over the last 3 years?

For more information of management approaches click links below:



Conventional / Intensive



8. What tilling/ploughing do you use on your field?
13. Has your field site had any major pest or disease issues in the past 12 months?

Please provide the best postal address for us to send you a soil sampling kit.

We will conduct follow-up soil sampling at a small number of sites next year. If your site is suitable, would you be willing to allow a Dig Up Dirt scientist to visit your field to sample?

Thanks for submitting!
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